A selection of the book covers my photographs have been featured on. 


About me

Hi! I'm Raven.

I'm a photographer, but on a day off you will often find me snuggled up on the couch with my laptop, my son Ryker, and our fluffy goldendoodle puppy Belle. I love to dress up nicely, but I am also a big believer in leggings and a t-shirt. 

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, but moved to Germany when I was twelve years old.  My husband Robert and I met in 2013 while he was stationed with the Air Force in Germany. After a lengthy long-distance relationship, I was finally able to join him in the U.S. in December of 2015. We currently live in Gambrills, Maryland. 


How it all started...

Even as a young child, I loved to take pictures of everything. As the daughter of an artist (my mom) and an art collector (my dad), I was always encouraged to explore my creativity. In 2007 I saved up my money to buy my first Nikon camera. I immediately started experimenting with different styles and techniques, and took just about every photography class I could find. I soon started selling images to publishing companies and advertising agencies. My photographs have been used on various book, magazine, and album covers. The most well-known books featuring my work are probably the novels "Jackaby" by William Ritter, and two of the Italian Percy Jackson translations by Rick Riordan (see covers on the left).

After graduating college with a Master's degree in Art History and Prehistoric Archaeology, I shifted my focus away from commercial photography, and now solely focus on custom portrait photography. I continue to invest in education whenever I can, as I think it is one of the most important things to never stop learning.

If you like my work, please give me a call or use the contact form below, I would love to get to the chance to tell your story! 

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